Sponsor Spotlight: Old Blueprints

Today, I would like to introduce you to a new sponsor, Old Blueprints.  I was previously unaware of this company, but have spent lots of time on their website since discovering it.  They offer a beautiful collection of architectural prints, drawings, photographs and related items.  And, a portion of their sales goes to architecture-related charitable organizations.

I've always loved the look of architectural prints framed on a wall.  I think they're a perfect "gender-neutral" art selection, fit into almost any decor style, and add a certain richness to a room. 

Elle Decor

Blueprints, specifically, are perfect for framing and add an unexpected, modern touch to an art collection:

Southern Living

I love the vibrant blue on these offered on the Old Blueprints site and would love to use them in a large grouping:

Wheeling W.V. Suspension Bridge: Towers and Roadway Section
They also offer a wonderful selection of architectural drawings, from the traditional to the more modern. . . . .

Administration Building, Jamestown Exposition, Jamestown, VA

Building Exterior LIMITED EDITION

There's also some cool architectural photography, perfect for framing. A few of my favorites:

Frank Gehry: Dancing House Windows, Prague, Czech Republic

La Grande Roue, Paris

St. Malo, France: Rue Grande

Got blank walls? Now, you know where to go.  Visit Old BluePrints to see more of their beautiful items. 


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