My Oasis in Progress

Yesterday was my birthday and my very thoughtful husband surprised me with this:

While this may be a big no-no in the official book of decorating, a tv in the bathroom is a big yes-yes for this tired mommy (especially with the new season of The Bachelor starting soon!). Ideally, it would look like this beautiful Candice Olson space:

Unfortunately, the super-nice Direct TV guy said I have to have my Direct TV box above the tub, as well. So, now I'm contemplating shelving. Since built-ins aren't in the budget (and wouldn't exactly fit in the space), I'm considering ledge shelving like the ones featured in this House to Home pic.

And, naturally, all good shelves need great accessories.


Metropolitan Home

Coastal Living

As you can see from the photograph of my tub, my bathroom has been slightly neglected since we've moved in. I would love to fill it up with these finds from Target:

And maybe a row of these from IKEA:

I'm thinking the proximity of neighbor's house may also call for one of these flatstick bamboo shades from Home Depot:

On second thought, if it's too nice, I may never come out. . . .


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