My Finds of the Day and an Easy Update. . . .

Today, I went on a quick accessory shopping trip to two of my favorite budget-friendly stores--Ross & Goodwill. This is what I returned home with (not much, but enough to work with for now):

Ross purchases

Found these silver trays at Goodwill for $2 each. I think the person with the price sticker gun got trigger happy.

A $5 begging-to-be painted lamp (complete with an inch of dust), also from Goodwill. Thought this would be fun in a bright color when I figure out where it's going.

Speaking of ugly lamps awaiting makeovers, check out these beauties I got from a furniture warehouse last weekend (also $5 each).

Truth be told, I already had two cream shades that I found for $2 each a while back and I thought the shape of these might work with them. They just so happen to have a date with this can of spray paint tomorrow. . . .

One of the goals of my shopping trip was to try and make this area under our staircase a little more interesting. The ornate mirror seemed to be out-shining the rest of the accessories and the black picture frames were too bulky for this spot.

Thirty minutes and lots of old books later, I came up with this:

I am happy with it (for now). The total update cost me $8, plus the time it took to drag the books out of boxes.

By the way, this little display is sitting on one of the best yard sale finds yet (found by my dad). This chest was just $30 and already painted.


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