Daughter's Room, Part 2

So, here are the results of my mini-projects for my little girl's room:

Chair = finished

Mirror = painted (Just a few touch-ups left to do, and yes, that is the princess herself, refusing to get out of the picture. . . . )

And, my yard sale lamp found a new home. I found the black drum shade at Wal-Mart and added ribbon and pom-pom trim.

I guess I somehow convinced myself that I was crafty once I fired up the hot glue gun, and I ended up covering a couple of shoe boxes with leftover fabric. I just used a combination of craft glue and hot glue. I think I may do a few more for some shelves I'm hoping to eventually put up in her room.

So, now I'm just down to a few final touches . . . one of which is this cute wall decal I found on Etsy that I'm having made to measure 5 feet tall. How fun is this?!

The big reveal coming soon (I hope).


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