Craigslist Finds of the Week

My love for Craigslist has probably become apparent by now. And, since I can't buy every great deal I find (not enough room, not enough money!), I thought it would be fun to post a few of the best items I find each week for my local readers (in and around the Charlotte, NC, area). In other words, these are great finds at great prices--somebody buy them! Then, call me and I'll help you decorate around them :) I seriously believe that you can furnish an entire house for a fraction of the cost by shopping this way.

At the time of posting, all of these items were still available.

This chair is actually a little pricier than I would normally look for on CL, but I am loving the lines and the black and white fabric would be great with other pops of color. Plus, it's in great condition.

I also thought this little rocker with nailhead trim would be adorable in the corner of a nursery. And, only $10!

And, finally, this could be wonderful for that person who is looking for a little drama in their decor!

It will definitely need a little TLC--clean up and minor repair--but at $40, I think it's a find. Just think of the possibilities:

Harper's Bazaar magazine

Haute Decor

Happy shopping!

If you're not local and would like help shopping for Craigslist items in your area or need design help, send me an email.


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