The Perfect Neutral

After almost two years of living with the most flat, show-everything, builder-blah-beige paint, I'm finally having a painter give me a quote on painting the main part of our house (hallways, open family room, stairway, kitchen, etc.)  And, as a side--kids and flat paint do not mix, in case you didn't already know.  Seriously, I could do a separate post on some of the gross things I've found on our walls. . .but, I'll spare you.

Since this color will go throughout so much of the house, I'm looking for a beautiful warm neutral--not too gray and not too gold. Here are some colors I really like:

Youngna Park Photography



Six in the City blog

House Beautiful


Do you have a tried and true neutral along these lines in your home?  If so, I would love to hear your suggestions (or email me a picture of your space!).  That's what I love about having a blog.  It's like having 500 friends to help you make these kinds of decisions :)


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