Magazine Hoarding (& a little “Design Star” talk)


I love to throw things away.  It just makes me happy.  But, when it comes to magazines, I have a hard time letting go.  




I started the process of cleaning out my old home office, and realized that I may not need every issue of Southern Living from 2003. . . I also realized that I’ve never met an issue of Better Homes & Gardens that I didn’t like, and that I need to re-subscribe to Traditional Living.  And, hasn’t Country Living gotten so much better over the last couple of years?




My dream plan for the office in the new house is to have lots of bookshelves, but I decided to part with lots of magazines anyway.  Do you hang onto yours?  Or, do you feel it’s less and less necessary with sites like Pinterest?





On another subject, are you watching the new season of Design Star on HGTV? 



That dang white box challenge would make me lose my mind.  I would hate to know that I finally got my big break on national TV and ended up having to make a rug out of paprika. . . .


My favorite contestant so far is Kellie.  I think we would be fast friends. 




Me and Cathy?  Not so much. .  .



What are your thoughts so far?


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