Getting Back Into the Swing of Things. . .


We just returned from a few fun-filled days in the sun doing. . . nothing!  Just what I needed.  And, as opposed to last year, my husband and I actually got to sit down on the beach for more than two minutes at a time. 





In fact, I even read a book (or most of it. . . I still have a little to finish).  I love reading.  I miss reading.  But, it just doesn’t fit into the schedule lately. 




Have you read this?  I’m trying to read it before the movie comes out.  It’s one of those book that makes you think.  I’m going to have to lock myself in the closet and try to finish the rest this week. 


And—one last thing.  Don’t forget to enter the giveaway from SimaG Jewelry for a personalized necklace.  Great treat for yourself or your favorite mom :)  I’m announcing the winner on my Facebook page tomorrow.


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