Designing in a Day

Although I haven't made it through the whole issue yet, one of my favorite parts of the newest House Beautiful is this one-day bedroom makeover by designer Amanda Nisbet.  In approximately nine hours, she gave this room a completely different feel.  This is how the room looked when the day started:

 (Excuse the grainy scanned photos. . .)

And, after some serious thought, shopping and re-arranging:

I love that she thought to put a pretty piece of furniture in front of the radiator.  And, the headboard now gives the room a much needed focal point.

So, what can you accomplish in a day?  A lot.  Focusing on one room for a single day may be the perfect solution if you've come to a point where you feel like you're stuck or simply un-inspired.

Here are some examples of what I can help you with:

~Creating a focal point in the room
~Choosing paint colors
~Re-arranging furniture
~Accessory shopping
~Art/wall decor arrangement
~Bookcase styling
~Re-purposing accessories/furniture you may already have

If you're in or around the Charlotte, NC, area and would like to work together, email me for more details.


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