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Lately, I've received some great links via post comments and emails to some wonderful projects that I wanted to share with you. 

Check out this laundry room makeover recently completed by Elizabeth at The Mustard Ceiling:


I'm guessing the stencilled walls required the patience of Job, but I for one, think it was worth the effort.  She used a design from Olive Leaf Stencils, one of my sponsors.  Read the step by step process (and see the "before" picture) here.



I loved seeing the transformation of this living room at Just a Touch of Gray.  For those of you with husbands who cringe at the thought of painting brick and/or wood, hopefully these pictures will help him change his mind.


They documented the entire process here.

And, remember this post about the crate bookcases I loved?  Meghan of When I Grow Up recreated the idea for her son's room using vintage fruit crates:



I'm enjoying seeing your projects--especially since it seems I have very little time for any of my own these days :)  Hope you have a productive weekend.

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