6 Design Trends That I’m Not Over Yet


I recently received a “tweet” asking me if I thought sunburst mirrors were out of style.  You know I love a good sunburst, so it got me to thinking. . . . “Does it  really matter if they are or aren’t in style?”


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That goes for a lot of things in design.  I have to admit, when you write a design blog and much of your subject matter revolves around your own home, it’s natural to wonder if your readers will approve/disapprove of your personal design choices.  In fact, you can become consumed with making the “right” or popular choices rather than just doing what you really love. 


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(One of my favorite styled foyers, using a sunburst—love this mix of old and new.)



I actually see this quite often in the great world of blogs.  Sometimes, I see photos of someone’s home and think, “they must be an avid design blog reader.”  Why?  Because I see lots of—maybe a little too many—“trends” and DIY projects that have been blogged about time and time again.  I think it’s great to pick and choose what appeals to you and incorporate it into your home.  But, when you try to keep up with every blogged trend that comes along, it all becomes a little too much and ends up flat instead of a feeling like a warm, personal space.  (Are you following me?)


So, with all that said, there are some “trends” that I’m just not over (besides sunburst mirrors) and will probably find a way to include in our new home. 


 Garden Stools

The trend may have passed when you can buy them at Big Lots for $12, but I still say they are the perfect little accent piece.  Use them alone or in a pair for an end table, umbrella stand, towel holder beside a tub, or even an extra seat for a guest that you don’t want to stay that long. . . .   Plus, they’re easy to spray in any color your heart desires.


 Suzie:  Joe Schmelzer!  fun orange & blue media room design with persimmon garden stool, orange ...

Joe Schmelzer via DecorPad



Elle Decor



Suzie:  J. Savage Gibson Photography.  yellow beachy cottage guest bedroom design with yellow ...

image source



Yes, even after all of the blood, sweat and tears that went into creating this small striped wall in our last home, I’m planning more striped goodness in this house.  (I think I hear my husband jumping for joy now!)  Stripes are clean, crisp and in my opinion, look great on the wall, on the floor or even on the ceiling.


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Kiki’s List



Canadian House & Home



I’m by no means an outdoors woman, but I like the quirkiness antlers add to a space.  They can make even the sweetest room a little more masculine.


image source






and along those same lines. . . Hide Rugs

Do I have an abnormal obsession with dead animals?  I don’t think so; I just like the texture and the unexpected element they often bring to a space.  I haven’t quite decided if our faux hide rug is going in our bedroom again, or to another part of the house, but it’s a keeper.


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image source


Faux Bamboo

I’m not actually sure what the attraction is for me, but I’ve rarely seen a faux bamboo piece that I didn’t like .  Something about it makes a space feel traveled and collected to me, especially when it’s mixed with other styles.


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Suzie:  Christina Murphy ~ Patrick Cline Photography via Lonny Mag!  gorgeous chic ivory & black ...

Christina Murphy (Lonny Magazine)



Aussie Home & Garden via DecorPad


What about you?  What do you still love and could care less if it’s in or out of style (according to the blog world)? 


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