Ten to Wedding Bliss: Beth of Hello Splendor!

I had the most splendid moment when I first stumbled across Beth's blog at Hello Splendor. An interior designer at an interior design firm and store called Nest, a super bubbly personality. I haven't met her yet but she looks & sounds like she's a hoot. I'll for sure drag to her to a Happy Hour the next time I'm Dallas bound. Here's her take on her Top 10 Wedding tips for moi...

1. Surround yourself with your favorite people: Don't worry about the ones who you think expect to be a part. This is really all about the people you want supporting you. There's lots of stress leading up to that final moment and you need people who are there to support YOU and make it more fun.

2. Keep it simple: Make a bold statement and save money! I had simple red roses and it saved me a ton and had a huge impact.

3. Take the edge off before you walk down the isle: But, don't overdo it! There's nothing wrong with taking the edge off!

4. Ditch tradition: I had my Dad & my Mom walk me down the isle. My parents are divorced and sometimes my Mom was both parents all the time. It was only fitting for me.

5. Have fun with the cake: Cakes can be expensive and expected! I saved money by doing a cupcakes and sweets table with litte take-home bins. Everyone took a cupcake or some sweets home and loved it!

6. Take your veil off during the reception: It really just gets in the way!

7. Spend time together: Don't worry about expectations of greetings and spending time with everyone there. This is all about you two... That's what all of the engagement parties and showers are for. Kevin and I spent the entire reception together and talked to everyone as a couple. We really made a point to just enjoy the time and each other.

8. Let loose: Just have fun! Enjoy yourself and don't worry about what you feel you are expected to do or be. It's YOUR party!!

9. Invest in a good photographer: Make sure you get someone who can capture your style and make sure there are two of them!

10. Invest in a good honeymoon: My honeymoon was more important to me than the wedding in the end. It's the time you spend solidifying your marriage, reflecting, and soaking each other in. My honeymoon was the very best week of my life. Pure bliss.

Congratulations Maureen!! It's one of the best times in your life and I am so happy for you... Happy planning!

Wedding photos by Sil Azevedo | Honeymoon photo by Kevin Dotolo


What do you all think? Isn't she just adorable? And yes, love all her tips especially that one ditching the tradition of the Dad walking the bride down the aisle, you gotta do what's right for you! I'll be participating at her Blog Crawl this Wednesday so come back here!


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