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What makes me cringe when I look back: 

This is the only photo I can find of our last living room which is probably the best it ever looked but it still makes me cringe. What is with all that brown? And the red feature wall? Really??? That big photo above the couch AND the chandelier is hung WAY too high (one of my biggest decor pet peeves now).

What I love most about my home now: 
It's hard to pick just one thing really. We spent so much time (and sweat and stress) finding it and turning this home into exactly what we wanted that we better love it. But if I have to pick just one thing it would be the molding. It adds great texture even with the neutral colors on the wall.

The biggest influence in my evolving style has been:
I'm not really sure. I think being older and having had made some decor mistakes help me hone a skill to visualize better. And of course seeing the beautiful work so many 'real' people share on decor blogs is a huge factor in realizing you don't have to be a trained interior designer to have a beautifully put together home.

You can see more of Stefanie's beautiful home and her many other talents here.

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