House Stalking International

I would never trust my dad to drive in a foreign country. Not because he's a horrible driver (although, he did almost kill PB once on the Cabot Trail), but because he'd be totally distracted by the other cars. He's fascinated by cars we don't have in North America. Not just the expensive ones either, he'd be just as excited by your average Peugeot as he would be about the latest and greatest from Italy.

Me, its houses. Everywhere I go I like to drive around residential neighbourhoods to see what their houses look like. I also take pictures. I even kidnapped my one year old niece for an hour on this trip to make myself look like just a normal person pushing a one year old on a bike in the wind and rain as opposed to a crazy person taking pictures of houses. Some people would stop at kidnapping and trespass...not me. I look for "for sale" signs, write down the real estate agents website, and then look up how much the house costs when I get home. I'm THAT kind of crazy.

Anywho, maybe I'm not the only one who is intrigued by how people live in other parts. So I thought I'd share.

I'll start with a tour of the Cambuslang neighbourhood of Glasgow. While PB and our friend Davey watched "The Inbetweeners" (SO FUNNY), drank beer and reminisced about the glory days, I headed out to stalk, snoop and verge on trespassing throughout Dave's neighbourhood.

Glasgow is known for its sandstone homes, and I found plenty of these in Cambuslang. The majority of homes are attached, and many of them would be divided into flats. Its a nice neighbourhood, but is not extraordinarily high end by UK standards. Prices seemed to range from $300K to well over a million Canadian dollars.


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