Blog Crawl: My Life is an Open Book

 Yay! So excited to be included in Hello Splendor's Blog Crawl. Bloggers are by far the most creative & inspiring people I've ever met {online & offline}. I've been reading the ones that has posted so far. They are all amazing & intriguing at the same time. Thanks to One Sydney Road for passing the torch to me...check her story out, it's in sci-fi! So, my story goes like this....

The Author: doing my favorite past time, flea market shopping!

Me...restless soul, cafe au lait & beignet lover {french macaroons too!}, adores courtyards, ivy covered walls & a big fan of Al Fresco dining and as it cheesy as it sounds, a Matchbox Twenty & Rob club member.

The Setting: mainly in Austin, the live music capital of the world where Austinites don't take their slogan "Keep Austin Weird" lightly

and where I lived before and constantly still visits, Beaumont...yes in Texas too, the origin of the first Oil Gusher.
The Characters: 

Jason, vodka & cigar lover, my biggest & strongest support...he's a dreamer too!

Noelle, my baby who is now 13! {Ugh...I'm old!}. She's a fashionista in the making. That's her just 2 days ago at the airport...she adore's her sparkly shoes!


Here they are...he's thinking teenagers think they're all that. She's thinking she's all that & more...

The Plot: Working 9-7 running & seeing patients at a Physical Therapy private practice. My weekends & vacations were filled with little trips to antique alleys, vintage shops & one-of-a-kind stores. 

The Twist: Five years into the practice, I started dreaming of opening a shop of my own to share unique finds. All was set for my departure from the practice when we had a partnership falling out. Looking for a storefront location was halted. Turns out to be a blessing in disguise as the retail gloom & doom became very real with changes in the economy. Fast forward two years & two other partners became active. Dreams of a storefront became an online venture, The Inglenook Decor. September 2009 marked my big move from Beaumont to Austin, working at a clinic to working from home, Physical Therapist to online retailer.

Coming soon....

A wedding at the end of the year.

 And a new website is in the works, not an e-commerce. It's on the back burner but working on it slowly but surely...stay tuned!

 Check out Haydee at Happenstance next! 

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