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I do believe there's nowhere else in the country where airstreams are so fun, urban, hip & chic other than in Austin.

In one popular part of town, called Soco (paying homage to New York's Soho district, it's also short for South Congress), airstreams line one street in different shapes, sizes, colors & offerings. From pizza to sno-cones (or sno-cups), cupcakes to deli sandwiches. But not just in this part of town though, they're all over! Also, talk about being innovative, airstreams are not just for food service anymore! Check out the Top 3 airstreams to visit while in Austin.

1. Adelante's Curbside Service

The shop known as a boutique infused with 70's glam vibe, a dash of modern & a whole heap of cool is located at 1206 W 38th. They recently introduced their rack & trunk show on wheels, presenting Curbside Service. It can also be rented privately for soirees. Now, that's distinctively Austin!

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Don't you jut love the swanky decor?

This was the first airstream in Soco that caught my eye & who wouldn't take a second look at that giant cupcake on top?

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They now have 5 locations all over Austin but it all started with the original one found at the 1600 block in South Congress.
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It has also beome a favorite photo spot with Austin photographers. Check out the one above. How adorable is this engagement picture? The cupcake is supposed to give them "sweet blessings."

If you get a chance to visit, try the Vanilla Dream for $2.50 & oh, get it with a whipper snapper (that's a shot of fresh whipped cream injected into the cake....more yum!)

And last but certainly not the least, Flip Happy Crepes at 400 Jessie has been dubbed the best crepes in America. Hey, they did win the Throwdown challenge with Bobby Flay!

Their crepes is the down-to-earth version of the French favorite. This is my favorite : Smoked salmon w/ herbed cream cheese spinach and tomato $7.50.
Hmmm, I'm wondering what other airstream chicness Austinites will conjure up next?
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